IC-STAR 2017 Keynote Speakers – Prof. Koichi Fujie (Yokohama National University, Japan)

Koichi FujieProf. Dr. Eng. Koichi Fujie

Professor & Strategic Research Planning Manager,

Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama National University


Short Biography

1980                 Dr. Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology
1980-1988     Assistant professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1988-1994     Associate Professor, Yokohama National University
1994-2007     Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology
2007-2017     Professor, Yokohama National University
2017 to date    the present post

Major research field: Chemical reaction engineering, Environmental engineering, Water and wastewater treatments and recycle, Material recycle, Soil science.

Title of presentation;

“Chemical Engineering Approach for the Design and Evaluation of Sound Material Cycle Network”

Brief summary;

Chemical engineering concept and methodology were applied for the minimization of environmental load from industrial and agricultural processes, and our daily activities in the regional area. The results of material flow analysis on those processes and regional area are conveniently used to evaluate the materials input and the consumption, and thus the resource productivity as well as the environment loading. The results of material flow analysis and their evaluation were essential for the design and evaluation of sound material flow/recycle network. In this presentation, design and evaluation of biomass residue recycle system in the plantation and that of wastes recycle system in a regional material area will be illustratively shown based on material flow analysis. Through the presentation, it will be emphasized the importance of material and energy flow analyses to achieve the sustainable development goals with less consumption of resources and less environment loading while providing sufficient services to our daily life.