Keynote Speakers



Prof Mohammad Badaruddin, Universitas Lampung, UNILA Indonesia Metalic biomass and power plant corrosion and prevention
Dr.M.V. Reddy Institute of Research Hydro-Québec, Canada Centre of Excellence in
Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage (CETEES)
Prof. Takaaki Kato Kitakyushu University, Japan Disasters Engineering and Risk Management
Prof Andrivo Rusydi National University of Singapore, NUS Singapore Optics and Applied Physics
Prof. S Vaidyanathan Vel Tech University, India Computer and Electrical Engineering

Invited Speakers *):
Associate Prof. Taufiq Mulyanto, Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB Indonesia
Dr. Bassem Abu Izneid, University of Business and Technology, UBT Saudi Arabia

*) under confirmation, to be updated