Prof. Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde, India

Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor, BMS R and D Centre, BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore, 560019, India

PERSONAL DATA (Date and place of birth, family status):

Date of Birth    : 22/07/1979

Place of Birth   : Siddapur, India

Family status  : Married

EDUCATION: PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Physics-2007

MSc (Master of Science)     in Materials Science -2002

BSc  (Bachelor of Science)  in PCM-2000

POSITIONS: Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor at BMSCE India : July 2015 to till date Associate Professor at BMSCE India               : March 2015 to till date Assistant Professor at UMP, Malaysia             : 20011-2015

Post Doctoral Fellow at GU, Sweden               : 2008-2011

Post Doctoral Fellow at HKUST, Hong Kong  : 2007-2008

Research Associate at CLCR, India                 : 2006-2007

Senior Research Fellow, CLCR, NMITLI, India : 2004-2006

Junior Research Fellow, CLCR, NMITLI, India : 2002-2004


     More than 60 International Gold medals for my research products in various countries like Malaysia, USA, Japan, South Korea etc.

        7 times best of the best award in an International Exhibition where more than

500 products exhibited and mine stood first among them.

        In 2011, got outstanding display technology award from MERCK Company in

IDW Korea.

        Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor Award in 2015.

        Best reviewer award from Elsevier in 2015.

        Reviewer for more than 20 ISI/Scopus indexed high impact factor journals.

        Outstanding thesis award in 2006 Photonics conference held at Hyderabad.


Life member of ILCS, India

Member SID from 2015-2016

Member ILCS, Global 2006 to till date


Prof.CNR  Rao  Chair  Professor  at  BMS  R  and  D  Centre,  BMS  College  of

Engineering, Bangalore


Nanotechnology,  biowaste  materials,  super  capacitors,  waste  water  treatment, biotechnology applications, liquid crystal displays, photoalignment, nanocomposites

RECENT RELEVANT PUBLICATIONS/PATENTS (Maximum) Total Publications in ISI/scopus indexed so far : 105

Total patents so far : 15 h-index so far : 14

Abstract For IC-STAR 2019

Electronic gadegts are the part and parcel of the life. Thanks to the liquid cryustal displays (LCDs) which changed the way of communication in such a shorter time. Although light emitting diodes based displays occupying the market but mjorly they still use LCD panel as the display. Display market is several billion dollar industry and new technolgoies are coming and replacing the old one drastically. When it comes to LCDs, it needs to be aligned in uniform direction. Rubbing the surface in which polyimide layer already coated seemed to be the perfect strategy for the last several years but it is limited to high resolution and larger size. Adding to that it creates static defects which eventually destroys the displays.

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