Water-oil-air three-phase flow in porous media: land contamination by oil – By: Prof. Mamoru Kikumoto

Water-oil-air three-phase flow in porous media: land contamination by oil
Prof. Mamoru Kikumoto
Yokohama National University, Japan


Summary: In order to simulate contamination of ground by leakage of oil, a rational three-phase characteristic curve model defining the capillary pressure–degree of saturation relationship of water, NAPL and air phase was proposed and transport phenomena of NAPLs in unsaturated ground was simulated in this study. Existing models will be briefly reviewed and their limitations will be pointed out. To overcome issues of these models, a new variable representing the relative magnitude of NAPL pressure to water pressure and air pressure was employed as a parameter that plays a central role in the modeling, and a novel water–NAPL–air three-phase model was formulated. It is revealed through the simulations that the proposed model can consider the transition phenomena between water–NAPL–air three-phase and arbitrary two-phase system through the parameter. The numerical method for water–NAPL–air three phase system was also developed based on the proposed model.The validity of the proposed model was checked by comparing the results calculated by the proposed model with those calculated by an ordinary model and past experimental results. The proposed model is capable of considering the interactions among the water–NAPL–air three-phase, and predicting the actual retention behavior of NAPLin unsaturated ground.

CV Mamoru Kikumoto


Academic record:
2000: Bachelor Eng., Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering
2002: Master Eng., Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering
2005: Doctor Eng., Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering
2005-2007: Postdoctoral researcher, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2006-2007: Visiting scholar, University of Bristol
2008-2011: Assistant professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
2012-To date: Associate professor, Yokohama National University

Price for encouragement, Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2006.
Best international conference paper award for young researchers, Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2011
Best paper award (Japanese journal), Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2012
Best paper award (International journal), Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2012
Price for young scientist, Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology, Japan, 2012
Best paper award, Japanese Geotechnical Society, 2016

Research interests:
My research area, geomechanics, is about understanding and simulating how the ground behaves, eg. failure of slope during earthquake or heavy rain, liquefaction of reclaimed ground, behavior of ground around tunnel, bearing capacity of ground under foundations, transport in earth dams, stability of embankments, etc..
My main research interests include: (i) mechanics of unsaturated soils, (ii) transport of multiphase fluids, (iii) weathering and erosion of soil and rock
I conduct mainly laboratory tests, analytical modeling and numerical simulation.


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