Coaching Program on International Publication (pre-conference program)

In conjunction with the IC-STAR 2016 conference, the committee presents a special workshop and coaching for international publications as a pre-conference activity. The workshop aims to explore several aspects of writing for publishing a research paper to the international publication.

Participants will learn:
- how to use language English to present their research and position themselves in the state-of-art research field,
- how to adapt their writing to different audiences,
- how to present their data and discuss them in appropriate angle,
- how to be aware of and avoid plagiarism, and
- how to use appropriate revision strategies.

Through individual and collaborative tasks, participants will acquire an understanding of the essential rhetorical features of the research article.

The content and activities of this workshop will be based on the material provided by the participants (the draft of research articles presented on IC-STAR 2016 or other articles) and will include the following components:
• Rhetorical features of the research article
• The ethics of academic publishing
• Using language and citations to position the researcher in the field
• Resources for academic writing in English
• Revision and editing for communicative impact.

The workshop is facilitated by:
1. Prof. Robert Bestak (CTU – Czech Republic),
2. Prof. Dedy HB Wicaksono (UTM – Malaysia),
3. Assoc. Prof. Tole Sutikno (UAD – Indonesia).


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