Biowaste based carbon nanospheres and their applications – By: Prof. Gurumurthy Hegde

Biowaste based carbon nanospheres and their applications  
Prof. Gurumurthy Hegde  
Prof,CNR Rao Chair Professor
BMS R and D Centre, BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Bengaluru,
560019, India

Biowaste materials are becoming more popular due to the unconventional burning which might cause environmental pollutions. To over come this many researchers tried several ways to utilise these biowaste materials in to useful products in the area of nanotechnology [1, 2].  Converting biowaste materials in to spherical shaped nano particles is the state of the art research where with controlled pyrolysis technique without adding any catalyst, one can able to tune them in to perfect shape [3]. Here in this talk, we are going to show biowaste based carbon nanospheres which are well characterized using several techniques (with size ranging from 50-100nm) and then electrochemical analysis were conducted. Our studies revealed that, these materials are potential to use as supercapacitors, treatment of water, antimicrobial nature and also cancer cell imaging.

[1] A Kumar, H. Gurumurthy, S A A Manaf, Z Ngaini, K V Sharma, Chem.Commun.,
50, 12702 (2014).
[2] A Divyashree, H Gurumurthy, RSC Advances., 5, 88339 (2015).
[3] H. Gurumurthy, S A A Manaf, A Kumar, AM Ali Gomaa, Kwok Feng Chong, Z Ngaini, K V Sharma,  ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering., 3, 2247 (2015).


Prof. Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde, India


Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor, BMS R and D Centre, BMS College of Engineering,
Bull Temple Road, Bangalore, 560019, India

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Date of Birth    : 22/07/1979
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Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor at BMSCE India :  July 2015 to till date
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Assistant Professor at UMP, Malaysia             : 20011-2015
Post Doctoral Fellow at GU, Sweden               : 2008-2011
Post Doctoral Fellow at HKUST, Hong Kong   : 2007-2008
Research Associate at CLCR, India                 : 2006-2007
Senior Research Fellow, CLCR, NMITLI, India : 2004-2006
Junior Research Fellow, CLCR, NMITLI, India  : 2002-2004

 More than 60 International Gold medals for my research products in various
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 Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor Award in 2015.
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 Outstanding thesis award in 2006 Photonics conference held at Hyderabad.

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Prof.CNR Rao Chair Professor at BMS R and D Centre, BMS College of
Engineering, Bangalore

Nanotechnology, biowaste materials, super capacitors, waste water treatment,
biotechnology applications, liquid crystal displays, photoalignment, nanocomposites


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