Announcement of ACCEPTED Submission for IC-STAR 2016 ALL TERMS

Announcement of ACCEPTED Submission for IC-STAR 2016
No. Author(s) Title Track*)
1 H. Nurdiyanto, and
S. Fatonah
Expert System for Predicting Risk of Cooperative Credit Svings
and Loans Using Decission Tree
2 N.P. Putra, and
M. H. S. Kurniawan
Survival Analysis to Evaluate the Service Procurement Process
in Pupuk Kaltim Inc.
3 G. A. Ibrahim, S. Harun, and
A. Hamni
Surface Roughness Values of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 When
Turning by Using Rotary Cutting Tool
4 K. Isnugroho, D. C. Birawidha, and M. Amin The Potentials of Improving Mineral Source Additional Values
(non metalic;stone) in Lampung Province: A Prelimanary Study
5 J. Nugroho, and J. Loekito Improvement of Visual Field Using EyeCream Therapy after
Right Inferior MCA Stroke
6 E. D. Wardihani,S. Pramono, S. Hadwi S, and A. Suharjono Power Constrained Distributed Estimation for
Wireless Sensor Networks
7 S. Tjekyan,
Mariana, I. A. Liber
Spatial Mapping of ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) Case on
Haze Disaster Area as Improvement Effort of Vigilance
on Global Climate Change
8 Sukanta, and D.A. Sari Maintenance Proposal of Press Parts Production for Minimize
Waste by Lean Manufacturing Method – Value Mapping Stream (VSM)
9 R. Estrada, N. Djohan,
G. C. Rundupadang,
A. Kurniawan, J. Iskandar,
M. Dahrul, H. Hardhienata, and Irzaman
Electrical Properties Test of Dielectric and Impedance LiTaO3
Thin Film Doped with Ga2O3 (0% and 10%)
10 R. Fauzi, and L. H. Wiryanto Flow on an inclined wall 1
11 H. Wijaya The Advanced Study of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Using White Hat SEO Techniques To Increase Website Visibility and Traffic
12 I. Nirmalasari, AAA Putra,
D. Rahmawati, MH Abdillah,
Z. I. Navi’a, P. Dewanti
Encapsulation of red chilli seeds with a solid formulation of
Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas fluorescens for
growth promoters, pathogen control and efficiency planting
13 N. S. Sambudi, S. Cho, and K. Choa The preparation and drug delivery performance of porous
hollow hydroxyapatite microspheres synthesized by spray
pyrolysis using a microalga template
14 J. A. Muhammad 2D groundwater depth for analysis the zone
unconfined aquifer
15 A. Purba, G. E. Susilo,
F. Nakamura
High Speed Rail in Asia and Europe: Lesson Learned
for Indonesia
16 A. Dwiranti, H. Takata,
S. Uchiyama, K. Fukui
The effect of Ca2+ on chromosome structure revealed by
scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
17 H. T. Zuna Quality of Experience on Toll Roads 1
18 M. S. Hidayat Ecological Evaluation of the Several Green Open Spaces
in Jakarta
19 Erwin, A. Pryayitno Magnetic Exchange Interaction in Cobalt Samarium Thin
Films for High Density Magnetic Recording Media
20 L. A. Yanti, Achmad,
N. Khumaida
Resistency of White and Red Jabon Seedlings
(Anthocephalus spp.) to Botryodiplodia theobromae Pat.
Causing Dieback Disease
21 A. Awaluddina,
Nismala, Rieke
Green Degradation of Organic Dyes by Manganese Oxides:
Effect of Different Crystal Structures and temperatures
22 V. Ningrum Engage Youth in Agriculture Through Pluriactivity Strategies 4
23 M.A.A.V. Salim,
R. Siagian, P.T. Triwigati
Analyzing Reservoir Properties of Talang Akar Formation
and Baturaja Formation in Northwest Java Basin for Carbon
Capture and Storage Opportunities
24 H. Permawati,
M. Handayani
Natural Nano Zeolite as Fertilizers for Technology Optimi-
zation of Soil Fertility on Swampy Land to Increase
Production of Paddy (Oryza Sativa L.) in Indonesia
25 Fitriani, B. Arifin,
W. A. Zakaria, H. Ismono
Coffee Agroforestry Performance in Land Private Ownership:
Case in Pulau Panggung District Tanggamus
26 Irmeilyana, F. M. Puspita,
Indrawati, M. Ulfa,
R. T. Agustin
Wireless Single Link Pricing Scheme Under Multi Service
Network with Bandwidth QoS Attribute
27 S. I. Tarigan, Y. Ratna,
W. Yunita
Resurgency Effect of Abamectin Insecticide on Fecundity
of Nilaparvata Lugens
28 N. B. Tarigan Enrichment of artificial feed with vitamin E for gonadal
maturation of of Osteochilus hasellti
29 Irwansyah User Acceptance of Mobile Applications 1
30 G. Prayitno, D. Dinanti, W.P.
Wijayanti, B. M. R. Farisa
Social Capital and Food Security in Rural Area in Indonesia 4
31 M. Rijal, Ardiansyah Analysis of the Costs Construction Work the Wall Adobe Shells
as Material Environmentally Friendly in Architecture Green
32 F. M. Puspita, E. Yuliza,
M. Ulfa
The Comparison of Bundle-Pricing Scheme Models Using
Quasi-Linear Utility Function
33 P. J. Ochieng , T. Djatna,
W. A. Kusuma
An Integrated Semi-supervised Clustering Model for Time
Course Gene Expression Data
34 Ichwana, A. Achmad,
S. Chairani
Determination of Micro Catchment Model Based on
Ecohydrology of the Management at
Kreung Peusangan Watershed
35 L. Nasution, E. Purba,
E. Munir, Lisnawita
Biochemical Identification of Bacterial in Polluted Soil
from Merdeka Village, Merdeka District, Karo Regency
36 B. Heru Susanto,
M. B. Prakasa, M. H. Shahab
Preparation and Characterization f Supported Metal
Nanocrystalline using Rapid Heating and Cooling Method
for Renewable Diesel Synthesis from Nyamplung Oil
(Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil)
37 R. Amanati, N. Huda The Existence of Malays House in Air Tiris Kampar Riau
in Healthy House Perspective
38 Nurkhamim, A. Idrus,
A. Harijoko, I. Endrayanto,
S. Putranto
Quantification of Qualitative Geological Data Variables for
Exploration Risk Assessment in Prospect Cu-Au Porphyry
Deposit Randu Kuning, Wonogiri, Central of Java
39 Iksal Analysis Data Compression System Multimedia
Video on Demand and TV Broadcast Network
40 P. Rajan,
A. A. L. Selvakumar
Design and Analysis Unwanted Voice Calls and Distributed
Resource Allocation in ATM Networks
41 Suherman, I. Andriyanto Design and Implementation Tools to Measure Temperature
Device Server Using Sensor LM35 Based Gateway
42 H. Hasan, Melinda,
A. S. Tamsir
Analysis on Impedance Influence on Multifrequency
Capacitive Sensor
43 N. Syarif, J. Antonius Preparation Carbon Nanotube From Sesame Oil and Its
Electrochemical Properties
44 A. Pasaribu, L. A. P. Putri,
D. Suryanto
Identication of Variance Moleculer Genotipe Commercial Palm Oil (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Base on Random Amplified Polymorpism DNA (RAPD) Markers 4
45 I. Iskandar, P.A. Utari, M.Y.N. Khakim, and D. Setiabudidaya Observed Intraseasonal Zonal Currents in the Equatorial Indian Ocean 1
46 M.A. Suyuti and R. Nur The Effect of Embossing on the Rigidity of Wheel for Agricultural Tractors 1
47 Z. Zakaria and S. Ismail Best Practice of Contract Management Approach Towards Excellent Service Culuture in Construction Project 1
48 Z. Helwani, Zulfansyah, and M. Shecilia Torrefaction of Oil Palm Trunk : The Effect of Process Condition Analysis using Response Surface Methodology 1
49 S. Aisyah, and S.I. Kristine P. Analysis of Priority Cause of Failure at Production Process Tube 811X Using Multi Attribute Failure Mode Analysis (MAFMA) In Bridgestone Tire Indonesia (BSIN) Company 1
50 G.F. Nama and K. Muludi Implementation of Two-Factors Authentication (2FA) to Enhance the Security of Academic Information System University of Lampung 1
51 H.N. Ranudinata, I.A. Siregar, and T.P. Wisesa Ergonomic Chair Design Using Bamboo Lamination Technic 1
52 Z. Bahri, L. Zakaria, and Syamsudhuha The Scheme of 10th Order Implicit Runge-Kutta Method to Solve the First Order of Initial Value Problems 2
53 R.A. Hamzah Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Combined Cost Functions and Guided Filter for 3D Surface Reconstruction 1
54 S. Siyoto and A. Kamlasi The Parenting System of Parents and Subjective Norms For East – Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Students to Consume Alcohol in the Tosaren Subdistric 3
55 B.G.L. Pubiyangga, Suwandi, and H.B.D. Kusumaningrum Using Moore Neighbor Tracing Method in Image Processing For Identification Vocal Cord Conditions 1
56 R. Kusumastuti, R.I. Pramana, and J.W. Soedarsono The Use of Morinda Citrifolia as a Green Corrosion Inhibitor For Low Carbon Steel in 3.5% NaCl Solution 1
57 Alfirano, A. Milandia and Suryana Effect of Heat Treatment and Alloying Elements on Precipitation
and Surface Behavior of Biomedical Co-Cr-Mo Alloys
58 H. Pratomo Evaluation of The Effect of Pasak Bumi to Increase Androgen Levels 3
59 A. Hendra, and Gazali Support Vector Machine (SVM) For Toddler’s Nutritional
Classification in Palu City
60 A.D. Wahyuni, Rinawati, H.I. Qudus, R.P. Usman, and Y. Nasy’ah Profile Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Water of
Mangrove Forest, Bandar Lampung
61 D. Loebis, D. Hendriana,
and P.J. Escamilla Amrossio
Fuzzy Kalman Filter in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
62 M.M. Hikmah, and
R. Nurcahyo
Proposal of Material Issuing Activity Improvement in Radiator
Company with Value Stream Mapping Method
63 A. Saraswati, and
R. Nurcahyo
Production Process Time Improvement of Radiator CN-A-121 with Value Stream Mapping Method 1
64 S.M. Khoirunnisa, and D.A. Perwitasari The Rheumatoid Arthritis Quality of Life (RAQoL) for Indonesia: translation and pilot test 3
65 A.H.K. Amrullah, D. Maharani, D.T. Widayati Determination of the Best Nonlinear Function in order to
Estimate Brahman Cattle Growth
66 Suhartono Characteristics of Vegetable Cooking Oils (VCOs) as Substitutes
of Kerosene in a Pressurized Cooking Stove
67 F. Ughi, G.A. Dewanto, A. Abdillah, and A. Yuliyanto Low-Cost Simulator for Oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement 3
68 M. Alwy, and F. Fahmi Interactive Car Display Using Augmented Reality on
Smartphone Android
69 Sutarno, R. Passarella, and Abdurahman System Design of Iris Ring Detection Using Circular Hough Algorithm for Eyestrain Application 1
70 S. Djunaidi, M.D.P.T. Gunawan-Puteri, C.H. Wijaya, and E.K. Prabawati Physicochemical & Microbial Characterization of Overripe Tempeh 2
71 M.D.P.T. Gunawan-Puteri, B.M. Josopandojo, G.H. Adiyoga, I.S. Kartawiria, and D.I. Widiputri Aqueous Extraction Optimization of C. citratus for Development
of Food Ingredients with Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities
72 A. Maksum, S. Permana,
A. Rustandi, and J.W.
Purity Improvement of Rice Husk Silica by Combination of
Roasting-Quenching and Acid Leaching as Pretreatment on Calcinations Method
73 H. Soewardi, and G.S. Edhi Inovative Design of Mattress by Using TRIZ and QFD 1
74 Wamiliana, Amanto, and G.T. Nagari Counting The Number of Disconnected Labeled Graphs of
Order Five Without Paralel Edges
75 M.S.M Awn, F.Yulianda,
and Yonvitner
Characteristics and Above-Ground Biomass of Mangrove Species in Enggano Island, Bengkulu Sumatra, Indonesia 4
76 B. Arthaya, and E. Nathania Alternative Scheme to Handle Reversely the Waste of Mobile
Phone in Bandung, Indonesia
77 I.A. Santana PET Plastic Bottle Waste with Reuse Approach As Interior Pre-Fabrication Modules for Internal Wall 1
78 D. Susanto Sustainable Material: Used Wood as Building Material 1
79 A. Feandri Effects of Biophilic-Design on Residentials Study in Jakarta 1
80 S. Raharjo Development of garbage bank and 3R waste treatment facility
for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from waste sector: a case study of Padang City, INDONESIA
81 D. Anggraini,
M.Y.N. Khakim,
and W. Mardiansyah
The Identification of Geothermal Sources at Wayang-Windu Geothermal Area, Bandung Regency, West Java Using Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery 1
82 Widyarko Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) as Buildings Particle Board Material 1
83 N.C. Basjaruddin,
Kuspriyanto, Y. Priyana,
and E.M. Husni
Overtaking Situation Identification In Connected Vehicles
84 S. Rahimah, I.S. Setiasih, R. Balia, dan R. Kastaman Evaluation of Fresh Milk Quality Based on Total Microbe Using Statictical Quality Control (SQC) 4
85 S. Fahri, N.P. Bapdal,
R. Kastaman, and A. Hendriadi
Sustainable Index and Status of Farming on Degradated
Peatland in Central Kalimantan
86 F. Anggara, E.D. Utami, R.D.Raharja, and A. Harijoko Mineralogy of metamorphosed coal in Bukit Asam Coalfield,
South Sumatra, Indonesia
87 S. Hidayati, A.S. Zuidar,
and W. Satjajaya
Effect of Acetic Adic: Formic Acid Ratio on Characteristics of
Pulp From Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches (OPEFB)
88 Hartono, T. Simanihuruk Optimization Model of Fuzzy Rule Based Expert System Using
Max-Min Composition and Schema Mapping Translation
89 I. Zahrina, M. Nasikin,
and K. Mulia
Interaction between betaine monohydrate and polyol on deep
eutectic mixtures formation
90 A. Supani Flood Early Warning System with Informational Technology
For Reducing Risk of Loss in Sustainability of City
91 Y. Andriani, T.Y.M. Zaqloel,
R.H. Koestoer, and M. Suparmoko
Contributions Watershed Enim in Rice Production Irrigation Benefit and Cost Analysis 4
92 Noviany and H. Osman Synthesis, characterization and antituberculosis activity of new 2′-hydroxy-retro-chalcone derivatives 2
93 M. Nasucha Development of a Low-power Step-down DC/DC Converter
Module for Electric Cars
94 D. Arfiyanto, M. Basyuni, Sumardi, L.A. Putri, E.S. Siregar, and I. Risnasari Identification and Cluster Analysis of Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) Fruit Type Using Two-Dimensional Thin Layer Chromatography 4
95 A. Syarif, K. Muludi, R. Adrian, and A. Pamungkas Solving Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem by Genetic Algorithm 2
96 N. Haerudin and Karyanto Integrated Analysis of Radon and Magnetotelluric Method for
Determining Location of Reservoir in the Way Ratai
Geothermal Field Lampung Indonesia
97 M. Basyuni, A. Nuryawan, Yunasfi, and L.A.P Putri Morphological Character and Biomass in Salt-stressed
Mangrove Seedlings Rhizophora apiculata and Ceriops tagal
98 A.D. Putra and M. Kikumoto Slaking phenomenon under 1D Compression test 1
99 N. Ansori, T. Novianti, and F. Agustina Designing Ergonomic Participatory Based on Critical Safety
Performance Index in Batik Creative Industries
100 V. Puspaningrum, Wamiliana, R. Andrian The implementation of Jackson Network Queue on a prototype hospital Queue 2
101 N. Tarigan, I. Supriatna, M.A. Setiadi, and R. Affandi Effect of Vitamin E Fortified in Feed on Gonad Maturation of Common Carp (Osteochilus hasellti) 3
102 N. Djohan, R. Estrada, F.I.W Sari, A. Kurniawan, J. Iskandar, M. Dahrul,
H. Hardhienata, Irzaman
Classification of Undoped and 10% Ga2O3 Doped LiTaO3 Thin Film Based on Electrical Conductivity and Phase Characteristic 1
103 S.I Tarigan, Dadang, and I.S. Harahap Evaluation of Toxicity Effect of Cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg against Insect Stored Product 4
104 Romiyati, and R. Situmeang Nanophotocatalyst spinel Ni0.5V0.5Fe2O4 : Preparation and Characterization 2
105 I.W. Parwata, A.A.G.O. Wisnumurti, and N.W.M. Mustika Implementation of User Anthropometry Bale “Sakenem” Buildings in Singapadu Tengah Village, Gianyar 1
106 P.J. Ochieng, and T. Djatna Clustering Model for   Gene Expression Data Based on Functional Forms 2
107 Y.N. Lukito, and M.A.A. Syahid The Conservation of Kali Pasir Mosque in Tangerang, Banten 1
108 Ayomi, Y. Latief, K. Hayati, and Wahyumurti Process of Dispute Resolution in Construction Projects through
Arbitration : Literature Study
109 Fauzan, F.A. Ismail, N. Yanto, I. Faradiza, and S. Apriwelni Strengthening of Nurul Ilmi Mosque With Concrete Jacketing 1
110 I. Indarto, A. Ratnaningsih, and S. Wahyuningsih Calibration of Six Recursive Digital Filters for Baseflow Separation in East Java 4
111 A. Iriany, R. Lestari, F. Nursandi, and M. Chanan Examining Organic Paper Mulch on the Growth and Yield of Shallot (Allium ascalonicum L.) 4
112 E. Suroso, W. Satyajaya, T.P. Utomo,  L. Julianti  Financial Feasibility Study of Liquid Smoke Industry from Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch in Mesuji Regency, Lampung Province  4
113 Istis Baroh The Pattern Of Consumption And Food Nutrient Quality In The Culture Of Zuhud Application On Pesantren Malang 4
114 P. Mulia A Study On The Shoreline Retreat And Spatial Analysis Over The Coastal Water Of Belawan 1
115 T. Nurhayati Studi Of Deterioration Of Squid: Autolysis 4
116 M. Pinem A New Propagation Model For The Calculating Of The Path Losses From Outdoor To Indoor
117 I. Sukmana Magnesium and its alloys as biodegradable bone screw applications: current status and future challenges 1
118 J. Agustian Hydrolysis of Starch Enzymaticaly: Immobilised Amylases on MCF Silica 1
119 D. Arifiyanto Identification and Cluster Analysis of Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) Fruit Type Using Two-Dimensional Thin Layer Chromatography 4
122 K. Nisa Robust Estimation of Generalized Estimating Equation when Data Contain Outliers 2
123 T. Hidayat Utilization of Seaweed Porridge Sargassum sp. dan Eucheuma cottonii as a Cosmetic in Protecting the Skin 4
124 H. Sinaga Design of TEM Cell To Test The Electromagnetic Sensor 2
*) Scientific Tracks
1. Engineering and Technology
2. Life and Applied Sciences
3. Medical Sceince and Biomedical Engineering
4. Agriculture Engineering and Food Science

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