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  1. I want submit my paper

  2. submit paper

  3. Dear Yuli, you can submit your paper through open conference system on this url

    or you can submit via email, please send to , or

  4. Hi, how if we can’t presented our paper is still accepted to publish on journal?

  5. Is there proceeding in hard copy? if the paper is not available for being published in Transtect or other journal? And Is the proceeding inxed in Scopus? I am waiting from you soon. Thanks

  6. Dear Hartomo,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    IC-STAR 2015 conference proceeding has not yet indexed in Scopus. But instead of, we are in progress to indexing the conference proceeding into Indonesia Publication Index (IPI) and other international indexing (DBLP, Google Scholar, and Copernicus).

    The IC-STAR 2015 conference proceeding will be available in electronic version in the flash drive. All accepted regular/full paper (only) will be included in the selection for journal publication.

    We look forward to receiving from you. Thank you.

  7. Dear Irfan,

    The aim of IC-STAR 2015 is to greet, meet, sharing, and finding the cooperation opportunity among participants. Your presentation is important. If you are unable to present your paper you may send your co-author or colleague to present on behalf of you.

    We have decided that the selection for journal publication is for all accepted regular/full paper which has been presented orally in the conference. But, for a reasonable reason, we would include the unpresented paper in the selection.

  8. Dear IC-STAR committee

    How can I make payment via credit card? Thank you

  9. My paper is funded by Indonesian Government. So I could pay at special rate (Rp. 1.250.000,-) right?

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