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Keynote Speaker – Prof. Shinji Takenaka (Kobe University, Japan)

S_Takenaka_Kobe_U Prof. Shinji Takenaka
Environmental Microbiology, Division of Agribioscience
Graduate School of Agriculture, Kobe University

Work experience:
Applied Microbiology, Division of Agribioscience, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kobe University, Japan
Professor  (1 March 2014 – present)

Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kobe University (1 April 1993 – 31 March 1998)

Speech title in IC-STAR 2015 (Keynote Session: Day 2, 22 September 2015, 09.00 – 09.30)

Bacterial enzymes with special characteristics for biotechnological applications

Bacterial enzymes have been extensively studied for their isolation and characterization of their specific properties. The enzymes can be utilized as bio-catalysts to function eco-friendly and economically reactions in bio-processes, compared with the use of chemical catalysts. The special characteristics of enzymes having thermotolerance, tolerance to a varied range of pH, and stability under high salt condition and in organic solvents are isolated and exploited for their industrial applications. Such enzymes have been characterized and have proven their utility in bio-industries such as food, leather, textiles, animal feed, and laundry detergent and in bio-conversion and bio-remediation. Here regio- and enantio- selective bioconversion of aromatic and aliphatic amines by bacterial enzymes and molecular structural analysis of halotolerant mechanism of bacterial hydrolytic enzymes will be introduced.

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