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List of Accepted Abstract/Paper All Terms

Below is the list of Accepted Abstract/Paper Term-1 (May 31 2015) and Term-2 (June 15 2015), and Term-3 – Final (due July 15, 2015).

If you submitted your Abstract/Paper in that terms, and your paper is not listed, you can confirm to Committee by Email:

Submission ID Title Author
15 Best Practices Of Contract Management Approach Towards Excellent Service Culture In Construction Project Zarabizan  Zakaria
19 High Performance Computing And  Communication Models For Solving The Complex Interdisciplinary Problems On Dpcs Norma Binti Alias (Invited Speaker)
21 Radiometric Correlation To Sulphur And Iron  Content At Bm-179 Kalan-West Kalimantan Uranium Ore Rachmat  Sahputra
23 The Study Of Relationship Between Physical Fitness And Health Profile To Academic Achievement Didi  Sunadi
25 Mitigation Of N2o And Ch4 Emissions From Corn Field Using Urea Granulated With Nitrification Inhibitors And Zeolite Oslan  Jumadi
30 Effect Of Milling Time On Pre-Carbonized Rubber Wood  Sawdust As Supercapacitor Electrode Erman Taer
33 The Utilization Of Sorghum Rod Powder As Filler To Enchance Mechanical Strength In Bioplastics Synthesis Yuli  Darni
35 Patch Preparation From Red Onion  Extract (Allium Cepa L.Var.Ascolanicum) As An Antypiretic For Children Devi – Rahmawati
36 The Investigations Of A Composite Electrodes Of Biomass Based Activated Carbon Mixtured With Carbon Nanotubesand Polyaneline For  Supercapacitor Applications Erman Taer
37 Carbon Nanodots From Cooking Oil As Catalyst For Photocatalytic Degradation Of Methylene Blue Assisted Solar Light Irradiation Mahardika  Prasetya Aji
38 Influences Of Porosity In Porous Composite From Waste Glass On Water Filter Performance Sulhadi
39 Masterplan Road Network  In The Border Region Of  Nunukan Regency Of The North Kalimantan Province Citra Anggita
40 Characteristics Analysis Mud Volcano Bledug Kuwu Eruption In Relation With Seismic Recording Fita  Widiyatun
43 Episodic And Non Episodic Period Peat Land Wildfire: Pm10 Pattern And Pm2.5 Carbonaceous Fraction Haryono Setiyo Huboyo
44 The Relationship Between Oteoporosis And Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, Leg Muscle Strength, And Age Groups 40-50, 51-60, 61-70 Years. Yoga  Pramana
45 Designing Direct Current Electric Circuit For Foster Creative Thinking Eko Hari Tiarto
46 Analysis Consumer Behavior Based On Marketing Mix Of Banana Chips In Metro City Lampung Province Muhammad Irfan Affandi
47 Engineering And Technology Mansyur  Hasbullah
48 Mno2/Cnt As Orr Electrocatalyst In Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cells Chee Wai Woon
49 Effect Of Nitrogen On The Photoluminescence Of Graphene Quantum Dots Synthesized By Hydrothermal Route: Xps Study Fitri Aulia Permatasari
50 Effect Of Cuo Nanoparticle On Mechanical And Thermal Properties Palm Oil Based Alkyd/Epoxy Resin Blend Huei Ruey  Ong
51 Enzymatic Conversion Of Glycerol To Glyceric Acid With Immobilised Laccase In Na-Alginate Matrix Chi Shein  Hong
52 Three Dimensional Modelling Of Cohesive Sediment Transport At Tanara Waters, Banten-Indonesia. Afifah Hanum  Amahoru
53 Facile Thermal Decomposition Synthesis Of Pegylated Gadolinium Oxide Particles Atika Ahab
54 Application Brain Wave For Wheel Robotic  Movement  Using Mindflex Asep  Sholahuddin
55 Preliminary Study Of Synthesis Of Porous Calcium Oxide Using Spray-Pyrolysis Method With Polystyrene Latex As Template Ricky Dwi Septianto
57 Slip Flow Through Elliptic Micro Channels With Constant Pressure Gradient Suharsono
59 Design Of Boiler Controller With Lan Based Data Logger Andi  Adriansyah
62 Raw Material Supplier Performance Evaluation  Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process And A Case Study Mukhamad Yanuar
63 Production Of Dry Inoculum Psedumonas Aeruginosa With Rice Bran As Substrate Kurniawan Eko Saputro
64 Influence Of The Concentration Of Ga-Doped On The Structural And Optical Properties Of Zno Thin Films Putut  Marwoto
65 Performance Of Family-Size Biogas-Fueled Generator Set Using Biogas Produced From Palm Oil Mill Wastes Agus  Haryanto
66 Analysis Of Wind Energy Potential At Western And Southern Seas Of Sulawesi Island Muhammad Uswah  Pawara
67 Characterization Of Methyl Ester Obtained From Nanochloropsis Occulata And Tetraselmis Chuii By Using In-Situ And Conventional Method Elida  Purba
68 Hydrofoil Boat  For Indonesian Waters M Alham  Djabbar
69 Histopathology Of Gill Of  Pangasius Sutchi  Infected With Aeromonas Hydrophila And Are Cured Using Curcumin Morina  Riauwaty
71 Local Geology Condition Of Bengkulu City Based On Seismic Vulnerability Index (Kg) Nanang  Sugianto
72 Strengthening Of Confined Rectangular  And Circular Reinforced Concrete Columns With Supplemental Pen-Binder And Fiber Reinforced Polymer (Frp) Anang  Kristianto
73 Properties Of The Probability-Weighted Moment Estimator For  The Generalized Log-Logistic Distribution Dian  Kurniasari
74 Limiting Behaviors Of The Moment Generating Function Of  The Four-Parameter Generalized F Distribution Dian  Kurniasari
75 The Effect Of Filler Content And Particle Size On The Impact Strength And Water Absorption Of Epoxy/Cockle-Shell Powder (Anadora Granosa) Composite Halimatuddahliana Nasution
76 Ba0.5sr0.5tio3 Based Photodiode Application As Light Sensor For  Automatic Lighting Control Switch Budi  Harsono
77 Making Photodiode Based On Ba0.5sr0.5tio3 Thin Film On Type-P  Si (100) Substrat  With  Chemical Solution Deposition (Csd) Method Johansah Liman
78 Vocational High School E-Learning Readiness: A Survey For Industrial Knowledge Transfer Abdi S Telaga
79 Is Sea Level Change Caused Huge Coastal Erosion   In The Northen Part Of West Coast Of Bengkulu Province? Ashar  Lubis
80 Education As An Earthquake Disaster Alert Boost Safety Measures In Primary School Children In The Region Through Comic Urban Media Bandarlampung Irma  Lusi
82 Surface Engineering Of Stainless Steels  Using Ion Implantation Technology Dwi  Gustiono
83 Fabrication Of Layer-By-Layer Electrospun Composite Membranes Based On Polylactic Acid (Pla) And Poly(Caprolactone) (Pcl)/Chitosan For Tissue Engineering Naznin  Sultana
86 “Private Finance Initiative (Pfi) And Privatisation In The Malaysian Infrastructure Projects: A Conceptual Review”. Eza Azwa Razali
93 Compression Method For Digital Hologram Using Wavelet Transform: Quality Enhancement For 3d Display Media Tri Fajar Yurmama Supiyanti
97 Study On Chemical Soil Properties And Plant Physiology Of Aloe Vera L. On Nutrient Stress Condition In Sandy Soil Maria Theresia Darini
113 Apakautis (Tobacco Automatic Drying Device): The Application Of Solar Panel As The Electricity Generator Equipped With Power Control Electricity For Tobacco Product Optimization. Harun  Ismail
114 A 2d Inversion Modeling Of Diffusion-Convection Radon To Determine The Depth Of The Reservoir In The Way Ratai Geothermal Field Nandi – Haerudin
116 A Preliminary Assessment For The Presence Of A Crushing Plant In Lampung Timur Regency Kusno Isnugroho
118 Regulation Of 12-Pulse Rectifier Converter Using Anfis-Based Controller I Made  Ginarsa
119 Effect Of Hydroxyapatite Loading On Protein Foaming-Consolidation Porous Alumina Ahmad  Fadli
121 Developing Features Of Water Faucet By Using User Centered Design Approach Hartomo Soewardi
124 Hepatitis C Virus Non-Structural (Ns) 5b Sequences From Indonesia Afiono Agung Prasetyo
127 Mesoporous Mcm-41 As Adsorbent Waste Tapioca: Kinetics  Study And Isotherm Adsorption Of Tapioca Liquid Waste Darmansyah
128 Reaction Kinetics Of Acetic Acid  And Ethanol  Esterificationcatalyzed By Zsm- 5 Catalyst Simparmin Br. Ginting
129 Design Of The Innovative Clothes Dryer By Using €Œtriz” Approach Hartomo Soewardi
130 What Should We Trust From Inversion Model Of Magnetotelluric Data? Sintia  W Niasari
131 The Variable Neighbourhood Search For The Heterogeneous Fixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem Arif  Imran
132 Estimation Of Ground Rod Depth For Effective Performance During Installation In Different Soil Types In Ibadan, South €“ West Nigeria. Fakunle Mutiu
133 Migration In Therural Impact Gunawan  Prayitno
134 Urban Community Behavioral On The Traffic Light And Implementation Of Intelligence Traffic Control System Agus  Sofwan
165 Analysis Of Surface Roughness When Turning Of  Ti-6al-4v Eli In Dry Machining Gusri Akhyar Ibrahim
206 Smart City Smart Mobility: A Conceptual Framework Of City Development Through Open Data Melvi
213 Heart Sound Classification Using Hidden Markov Model Siti Hadrina  Sheikh Hussain
251 Friction And Wear Of Carbon Coated Stainless Steel Under Palm Methyl Ester Contained Diesel Oil Zahrul  Fuadi
255 Food Technopreneur:  A Design Of New Curriculum  In Indonesia’S Higher Education Sekar Wulan Prasetyaningtyas
259 Rock Resistivity Studies As Indicators Of Seawater Intrusion In The Coastal Areas Bandar Lampung Karyanto  Karyanto
260 The Morphological Study Of Transverse Anchoring System Of Myofibrils To Plasma Membrane In Skeletal Muscle Astrid Feinisa Khairani
262 Education As An Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Efforts To Improve Safety In Children Through State Primary Media Comics New District In The Village Village Queen Labuhan Bandarlampung Lampung Irma Lusi Nugraheni
263 Performance Of Carbide Tool In High Speed Turning Of Ti-6al-4v Eli Under Conventional Coolant And Minimal Quantity Lubrication Che Hassan  Che Haron
265 Study On Machinability Effect Of Surface Roughness In Milling Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite (Unidirectional) Using Response Surface Methodology (Rsm) Azmi Bin Harun
266 Line Balancing By Combining Given Work Cell And Single Tasks, A Small Scale Industry Case Gamawan  Ananto
267 Survival Rate, Body Weight, Testicular Morphology And Spermatozoa Viability Post-Chemical Castration By Iron (Iii) Chloride Hexahydrate Injected In Mice Mokhamad Fakhrul Ulum
268 A Study On Reactive Power Allocation For Electrical Power Distribution System With Low Voltage Profile Lukmanul  Hakim
269 Ebes (Best Biopreservatif): Bioassay Dendrocin Of Bamboo Biopreservatif Oktavian  Zulfiky
270 Effect Of Surfactants, Ph And Grafting Polymer On Stability Of Bentonite Particles Dispersion In Brine Systems Abdelazim Abbas Ahmed
271 Red Blood Cell Profile And Plasma Metal Ion Level Of Biodegradable Metal Implant In Mice Animal Model Devi Paramitha
272 Histopathology Study On Biocompatilibility Assessment Of Iron-Based Biodegradable Metal Implant In Mice Sri Estuningsih
273 Cardiac Flow Volume Evaluation Of Local Garut Sheep (Ovis Ovaries) By Motion Mode Echocardiography Imaging Tetty Barunawati Siagian
275 Design Method Of Position And Attitude Controller  Using For Quad-Rotor System Myungjin  Chung
276 Characterization Of The Total Columnar Ozone Trend Over Some Nigerian Cities Gbadebo Ismaila Olatona
277 Performance Evaluation Of Various Genetic Algorithm (Ga) Approaches For Knapsack Problem Aryanti  Dwi Astuti
278 Establishing Working Relationship Of Food Supplier As Part Of  Effectiveness Food Safety Assessment:  Case Study In Indonesia Global Chain Restaurants Nurhayati  Nurhayati
279 Simulation Of Type Pwr (Pressurised Water Reactor) Reactor Water Temperature Using Optimal Discrete Control And D-Pole Assignment Method Iksal  Rahman
280 A Game Of Arranging Scrambled Letters Into Meaningful Words For Young Children Using Fsa Method Suherman
281 Electrocardiogram Medical Recording Design Using Microcontroller- Based Fuzzy  Clustering Means Sumiati
282 Distinct Transduction Profiles In The Cns Resulting From Direct Cortical,Intrathecal Or Intravenous Injection Of Aav9mutant Ataxin1 Injection By Dc Resulting In Worsening Of Mice Motor Coordination, Purkinje Cell Morphology Defect And Expression Of Polyq Fathul  Huda
283 Measurement And Analysis Of  3g Network Performance  Case Study: Yogyakarta Indonesia Tito  Yuwono
284 Mapping The Potential Areas Prone Tsunami  In Bengkulu City M  Farid
285 “Ammonium Excretion, Indol Acetic Acid Production, And Phosphate Solubilization Of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria Isolated From Crop Rhizosfere” Hartono

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