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Authors should prepare their paper in the official paper template in LATEX or MS Word format. Submission contribution for review may include regular papers (max 6 pages), short papers (work in progress, 2-4 pages), extended abstracts (2 pages), or posters.


  1. so, in one paper must include regularpaper, short paper, extended abstract, and poster, or we just choose one pf them?

  2. Dear Suci,

    Thanks you for your inquiry.
    You may choose one format only for submission. It will be reviewed by reviewers to be accepted/revised/rejected for the conference. If you interested in publication of your paper in one of our journal partners, you have to submit the regular/full paper (6 pages). However, if at the moment you have not prepare the regular/full paper, you may submit the short paper (4 pages) or extended abstract (2 pages). If it is accepted, you are required to submit the regular/full paper by 1 September 2015. Once you submit the full paper, it will be included in the selection for journal publication.

    Please note that we still open for the paper submission (3rd term) till 15 July 2015.

    Look forward to receiving from you. Thank you.

  3. Hi, if before 15 July I have submitted a full paper (6 pages), it is enough? or I have to submit a poster as well?

  4. Oral presentation already closed now, if you want to participate as poster presenter is open due August 15, 2015. If you submit your full paper before September 1, 2015, we will consider for journal selection.


  5. Assalamualaikum.

    How step to be participant? How much for registration (local participant).


  6. Dear Mr. Herman,

    For Registration fees you can check from this url,

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