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  1. How the system of selection of paper that can participate IC-STAR?

  2. Dear Novi,

    The review will be conducted by the reviewers that expert in particular field that related to IC-STAR’s sections. If your paper is relevant, it will be review by 2-3 reviewers. The review will be based on the originality, novelty, impact, organization of the paper, and language. The reviewers would give the recommendation whether the paper could be accepted, revised, or rejected.

    The similar ways would be conducted when we make the selection of all accepted full papaer for journal publication.

  3. Dear Sir/Madame,

    I just learn about the IC-STAR, and we are interested in participating with a paper, based on a recent research done by a colleague of me and I.
    Our field is architecture, building structure, and the topic of our paper would be:
    “Folded Plate Structure: Recent Development”
    I know that the paper submission has been closed. But I hope that you and the committee will still consider to accept our paper. Is it ok to submit our draft in Bahasa Indonesia? We will submit the full paper in English.
    Would you please get me informed about our opportunity to submit a paper in the IC STAR.
    Thank you.

    AM. Subakti Darmawan
    Lecturer, Unika Soegijapranata Semarang, Indonesia

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