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IC-STAR 2015 Publication announcement

Dear Authors, CONGRATUATION ! PROFICIAT! IC-STAR 2015 would like to inform all of you for a good news regarding our publication development as follows: 2 (two) selected papers have been submitted to JART and waiting for the final acceptance 24 selected papers have been accepted by ARPN-JEAS Editor for publication in JEAS Vol. 11, No. 7, April 2016. 37 papers ... Read More »

Prosiding ICSTAR 2015

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Transportation & Accommodation IC-STAR

Dear IC-STAR participants, If you need any help about transportation information from air port/bus station/rail way station to IC-STAR venue (Emersia Hotel), please contact our person in charge Aditya Hartanto Phone Number 081379255288  If you need any help about accommodation information near IC-STAR venue (booking and reservation rooms) please contact Bu Melvi, Phone Number/WA 081310817524   Read More »

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